Campus Alert System


Georgetown University's main campus has a Campus Alert System composed of six steam whistles. The Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) has the capability of activating the Campus Alert System to alert you to an outdoor hazard like severe weather (e.g. tornados) or hazardous materials. The activation of the Campus Alert System lets you know to shelter-in-place (SIP) in order to minimize your exposure to these types of hazards. SIP means to move into the nearest building, into an interior room or hallway, away from exterior windows. If there is a danger of flying debris, get low and use your forearms and hands to cover your head. Remain sheltered-in-place until you receive an "all clear." Testing of the system occurs two times a semester and is announced to the community through mass emails, HOYAlert, and posted red flyers.

steamwhistle2 from DEMOC on Vimeo.