Special Event Planning

In January 2015, the Event Planning & Coordination Subcommittee (EPCS) was formed to streamline the event planning process for Georgetown University events. Reporting the to Emergency Response Team (ERT), the EPCS exercises broad oversight over the planning and coordination process for all events. The following by-laws for the EPCS specify its mission, scope, and partners involved in the planning and coordination process. The process flow chart demonstrates the steps involved in the event planning process.

Article 1: Committee Name

The name of the organization will be the Events Planning & Coordination Subcommittee (EPCS). 

Article 2: Mission Statement

The mission of the EPCS is to exercise broad oversight over event planning and coordination procedures and policies at Georgetown University in order to facilitate and coordinate the event planning process. The EPCS reports to the Emergency Response Team (ERT). 

Article 3: Membership of the EPCS

Membership of the EPCS is governed by representation. Each member represents a stakeholder/department involved in the event planning process. Members agree to support the initiatives of the EPCS and provide the support of their respective departments.

Representation includes but is not limited to:

Space Management Work Group

  • Healey Family Student Center (HFSC)
  • McDonough School of Business
  • School of Medicine
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Office of Campus Activity Facilities (OCAF)

Event Organizer Work Group

  • Office of Protocols & Events
  • Student Affairs/Center for Student Engagement

EAP Work Group

  • Office of Transportation Management
  • Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD)
  • Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS)
  • Planning & Facilities Management

Article 4: Workgroups

The EPCS is the core-group for event planning and coordination of Georgetown University events. Members of the core-planning group also serve on one of three workgroups, each with a specialized function that supports the EPCS.

The Space Management Workgroup (SWG) is responsible for interacting directly with the clients to gather necessary information, notifying the EAP Workgroup of a potential planning event, and confirming space reservations for events. This group will be tasked with creating standards for items such as time required for advanced space reservation, time required for reservations to await approval, formalizing a standardized method of notifying the EAP Workgroup of potential events, and formalizing a standardized method to gather necessary EAP information.


  • HFSC
  • OCAF
  • Registrar’s Office
  • School of Medicine
  • McDonough School of Business

The Event Organizer Workgroup (EOG) is responsible for working with the various clients to familiarize them with the event planning process, requirements, and standards. This group will be tasked with creating standards for client event planning training, budgetary expectations, and standards of expectations for the client regarding event action planning.


  • Office of Protocols and Events
  • Student Affairs/Center for Student Engagement

The Event Action Planning (EAP) Workgroup is responsible for the development of Event Action Plans (EAP) for events that meet the standard EAP “triggers” and for providing the EAP and associated services/training to the clients. This group will be tasked with creating standards surrounding EAP triggers and associated appropriate planning/response, standards for Fire Watch Triggers and associated actions, standards for client emergency training, and a standardized EAP document and process.


  • GUPD
  • OTM
  • Planning & Facilities Management
  • Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS)

Article 5: Administration

Article 6: Planning

Article 7: Meetings of Members

Working Group Meetings: Each workgroup will meet one time each month on a weekly rotating basis. (see Figure Below)

Committee Meetings: Committee meetings shall be held on the 4th Wednesday of each month. (See Figure Below)

Notice of Meetings: DEMOC and/or GUPD shall provide committee members with written notice (email will suffice) of the date, time, and place of regular or special meetings at least a week in advance. However, in cases where events have to be scheduled on short notice, consideration should be given to accommodate members who cannot attend.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
SWG Meeting EOG Meeting EAP Meeting EPCS Meeting (ALL)